Why Choose Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

  • Secure

    Highly secure, Wont be security breach. Our cryptocurrency trading script developed using best security tactics.

  • Quick Installation

    It's easy to setup our Bitcoin exchange script to web hosting account. We point out our server requirements too.Installation instructions and manuals are available.

  • Prime Features

    The script is integrated with Coinpayments- one of the biggest payment processor in the market, Which allows transaction so easier. Multilingual support enables you to avail your site open for all parts of the world. Both are the main features which increases your availability in the market for a long period

  • Availability to Knock

    KIRHYIP make its availability through seamless communication channels for supporting every clients.

  • Fully Responsive

    Build responsive Bitcoin exchange script websites in your browser, then host with us or export your code to host wherever. Our Responsive ethereum exchange script design make it fully adaptable to different mobile devices.

  • Add live coins

    You can now list Non-Live coins and involve them in trade against major crypto currency. Depends on supply and demand price and chart will vary. Live coins trade will be as per the market live price. Automatic order closing increases frequency of trade also reduces your time consumption.

Newest Features

  • Copytrader Solutions

    A Perfect way of earning with investment without trade can be achieved by this option. Now your user can invest with best Money Managers. Let Managers do trade for you and earn profit!

  • Guarantee Wallet

    To manage the price fluctuations of cryptocurrency within exchange platform buyback guarantee wallet will be used. You can buy/sell coins for the same price you sold or bought here.

  • Internal Chat

    The Chat box is open for all users. The User can communicate with other user through this common chat medium. This will help for peer to discuss about more trade in this platform.

  • Arbitrage

    You can now buy better investments in your website for lower profit rate and invest them in different high yield platform. Simple investment program for your users will help you to achieve more!

  • API keys for Users

    Now user can get the details of their trade, deposit, withdrawal and basic info with the help of API. Using this API key from any third party site, Your user can access their details in your website.

Equipped with everything a crypto-
currency trading website needs.

Create a digital currency trading Platform with Secure Trading Tactics For World Coverage!

KIRHYIP Provides you the ethereum exchange script in Fair price with Full Functionalities

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Best PHP Cryptocurrency Trading Script Features

  • Multiple Currencies with Logo
  • Minimal/Maximum Amount for Exchange
  • Exchange Fee
Security Settings
  • Google 2fa
  • KYC Settings
  • Security Logs
  • Transaction PIN
  • Exchange Calculator
  • Crypto currency price ticker
  • Live Exchange Rate updating
  • Recent Exchanges
  • Affiliate Program
  • Exchange Rates
  • Styling and Sorting
  • All Time Site Stats
  • BID / ASK
Reg. & Signup Module
  • Simple Registration Form
  • Google 2fa
  • Google Recaptcha
  • E-mail Verification
  • Log IP Address
  • Auto-Block on False Login Attempts
  • Block Country Level IP from Firewall module
  • Customizebale Homepage
  • KYC Settings
  • Social Icons

Admin Area

Main Features
  • Informative Dashboard
  • Manage Currencies
  • Manage Gateways
  • Users Management
  • Admin Earnings
  • Exchange Directions
  • Manage News
  • Email Templates
  • Website Settings
  • Site Settings
  • Reports
Content Management Sys.
  • Manage pages via our CMS
  • Custom pages with HTML content
Email Templates
  • Customize content
  • Plain text and HTML versions
  • Active/Deactivate Templates
Multiple Currency
  • Integrated payment gateways
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • View/Edit/Add lastest news
  • News Administrative Approval
Languages and Localization
  • Add new languages
  • Manage languages
  • Date and Time settings
  • Currency settings
  • Default language for site
Wallet Accounts
  • Seperate Wallet
  • Balance Display
  • Detail Report
  • Search Transaction
  • Transaction History
  • Exchange Crypto Curency
  • Instant/Manual Approval
  • Detailed History
  • Searchable Records
Buy / Sell digital Coins
  • Buy Coins Forms
  • Automated approval (BTC/ETH)
  • API Based Current Rate Display
  • E-Mail on Buy / Sell Status Updates
  • Searchable Buy / Sell Records
  • Creating Own pair for every coin
  • BTC /ETH Market
  • New Market Addition
Wallet Fund Transfer
  • From one wallet to Another wallet
  • From One Currency to Another Currency
  • Security and spam protection systems.
  • Data is filtered and controlled
  • Regular security audits
  • Read / archive Notfications
Support Tickets
  • Status of tickets
  • Logs of tickets
  • Add FAQ
  • View FAQ


  • Statistics with candlestick and depth
  • Live Exchange rate of pairs
  • Review all coin info
  • Status of the own coin launched
  • Depsoit/Withdraw/Trade
  • Fixed price (Market )
  • Variable price (Limit)
Launch Own coin
  • Details about coin
  • payment Mode
  • Buy History
  • Sell History
  • Withdrawal History
  • Deposit History
  • Reports
  • New Ticket
  • Ticket Status
  • Own Orders
  • Other Orders
Add your Own Ideas

We gathered all the latest features of Cryptocurrency Trading. Still You think we missed one of feature that needed for your website? We are ready to work on your cryptocurrency exchange software requirements. Knock us for Custom work on your site!

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